The DarsarbanaEngineering Company is a completely private setting which was founded in 2003 in the event of the development of Iran, aimingat designing and engineering, supplying, implementation,and commissioning of industrial,constructive, oil, gas, and petrochemical projects.
In its first decade, the Company has successfully completed numerous projects in the field of oil and gas, arising it as a reputable and successful company in the industry in a short time.In line with Iran’s progress, the Company is intending to be the source of valuable services through relying on its effective expert team and on the power and engineering knowledge, having a set of all machineries and equipment, and state of the art managerial and organizational practices. Of course, this is a gift which achievement cannot be realized except in the light of special attention of the God.
The main activities of the Darsarbana Engineering Company are divided into two major sections:
1.Constructive and industrial projects:
* Design and engineering
* Implementation, installation, and commissioning
2.Commercial and engineering of construction materials
* Purchasing and supply (domestic and foreign)