DarsarbanaEngineeringCompany has developedquality management in the field of industrial and construction performance by increasing technical and managerial ability and capacity of the Company as well as stakeholders’ satisfaction. Given the need for consistent improvement towards a steady increase in quality, the Company’s macro-manager has considered the following issues and is trying to implement them:
* Training and implementation of PMBOK project standard management guidelineto improve the management of projects
* Emphasis on increasing the level of satisfaction of all stakeholders,especially employers, through complying with the technical specifications and timely fulfillment of obligations
* Efficient use of human, technical, and financialresources in order to improve the quality of work
* Efficient use of effectiveexperts in all affairs and fields
All members of the Dorsarbana big family are working responsibly to enforce the provisions of this policy and the realization of its objectives.

The Company’s macro-manager is responsible for ensuring theimplementation of commitments through permanent supervision.