1-Shazand Arak Refinery Expansion & Upgrading Project

Increasing the refining capacity from 170,000 bpd to 250,000 bpd by commissioning a new 80,000 bpd crude distillation (CDU) unit, with the execution of the projects.

•    Revamping and insulation of caustic and non-caustic evaporation ponds, Dike Walls and Roads in phase 1&2
•     The paving works, Roads, Concrete Ditch and concrete canal
•    The pavement Roads of Shazand Arak Refinery Upgrading & Expansion Project
•     Execution of remaining works of civil (Removing Punch, defect) of project’s units
•    42 Inch Carbon Steel Pipe Line
•    Paving works in Zone3,19 B, units No. 12,14,15,18,19
•    Spherical Tanks water proofing
•    Revamping and insulation of non-caustic evaporation pond No.BA 2626A

2-Exir Chemical Import and Export Terminal

Construction Works:
•    Construction and Driving of 22000 Ml Concrete Piles
•    Construction of all structures and Buildings
•    Main Substation
•    Administration Building
•    Ware house, Workshop
•    Drumming Shed
•    Tank Farms 1,2
•    Dike Walls, Pipe Rack
•    Roads, Parking, Walk way and Green Area
Undertaking Project:
Civil and Construction of Di Aria Polimer Poly Propylene (Khomein Petrochemical Project)
•    Raw Water Tanks
•    Main Process
•    Main Substation
•    Control Room
•    Cooling Tower
•    Pipe Rack
•    Spherical Tanks
•    Steam Building
•    Additive Building
•    Concrete and Steel Structure
•    Nitrogen Building
•    Silos

AmirKabir Sports Complex
Di Arya Polymer Petrochemical